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Medicines and care for cage and aviary birds
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Iodine Nibble (small) Medicine Fountain Bottle Brush
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Our Price: €0.75
Our Price: €2.49
Multi mineral blocks for all caged birds. Stops boredom and feather plucking. Helps keep beaks in top condition. Medicine fountain.
Minature 15ml drinker
Bottle brush for cleaning bottles and fountains
2.5kg Bird Grit with Coral Clay Bloc Amazon Johnsons Plume Spray 110ml
Our Price: €2.99
Our Price: €2.99
Our Price: €3.99
2.5kg Bird Grit Clay Bloc Amazon
Prestige 2.5kg bird grit with coral.
It is a rich source of minerals for cage birds
Orlux Clay Bloc Amazon River is a treat block for large parakeets and parrots. Johnsons Plume Spray 110ml.
Enhances the natural sheen of birds plumage.
2kg Fine Shell Sand Johnsons Vit-min Drops 100ml Johnsons Mite & Lice Powder 85g
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2kg Fine Shell Sand
Fine white shell sand with aniseed for cage and aviary birds. An essential multi-vitamin supplement to promote and maintain good health and vitality in all cage birds. Effective treatment of red mite, lice, and other parasites on birds feathers. Can be applied directly onto birds.
Johnsons Anti-mite extra 150ml Claw Clipper Thrive 'n' Gloss 1kg
Our Price: €5.99
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Our Price: €6.99
Johnsons Anti-mite extra 150ml. Effective spray against red mite, northern mite, lice, and other common parasites. Claw clippers for trimming claws on parrakeets, parrots, and all other household pets. Thrive n Gloss is an excellent supplement for all birds.
It is rich in proteins and oils
Calci-lux Powdered Calcium 150g Omni-Vit Breeding & Condition 200g Quiko Multi-vitamin 150g
Our Price: €8.99
Our Price: €9.99
Our Price: €9.99
150g Oropharma Calci-Lux is a high quality, water soluble source of calcium .
Sufficient calcium ensures good egg shell formation and the development of a healthy skeleton.
Oropharma Omni-Vit is a balanced blend of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. This dietary supplement is administrated twice a week during breeding season for optimal condition, better breeding results, optimal development of the chicks.

Mix 1 measure (1 gram) with 250 ml water
Regular use gives birds a boost in nourishment and results in healthier and more active birds.
Oro-Digest 150g Ferti-Vit 200g Harka-Mitex Concentrated Mite Treatment
Our Price: €10.99
Our Price: €10.99
Our Price: €11.99
Versele laga Oro-Digest 150g Oropharma Ferti-Vit 200g Harka-Mitex
150g Oropharma Oro-Digest is an intestianal conditioner for birds

200g Oropharma Ferti-Vit is a water soluble complementary feed for birds.
Used to prepare for breeding season it reduces fertility disorders and help birds resist disease.
1 bottle makes 9 litres of insecticide.
Effective spray against red mite, northern mite, and other common parasites.
Aviform Expel Worming Tonic Calciform Liquid Calcium 250ml Quiko Vitamin A.D.E.C 200ml
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Our Price: €12.99
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Aviform Expel Worming Tonic Calciform
Aviform Expel worm treatment for birds.. 250ml Aviform Calciform liquid calcium supplement.
10ml solution to 1 litre water.
Aviform Expel worm treatment for birds.
Add to drinking water for just three consecutive days per month, at 8 drops per pint.
Vanodine V18 Disinfectant 1 L
Our Price: €18.99
Vanodine V18 is an all round disinfectant for bird rooms and aviarys. It can be used for cleaning surfaces, disinfecting drinking water, cleaning equipment/drinkers/incubators etc